“If you want to present anything to anyone, especially the C-suite, you’ll want to read this book.”

-Andy Cunningham, founder of Cunningham Collective and leader of the PR for the Apple Macintosh and hundreds of other Silicon Valley successes

“In such a data-driven culture, Ted’s book is a great tool to harness emotion and make impact.”

-Adrien Lanusse, VP Insights, Netflix


My road to movie-style storytelling was both lucky and wacky.

First, advertising taught me to be simple. Then, consumer insights taught me about people and why they do what they do. Working in strategy taught me about how big corporations work – and how they don’t. My second stint in advertising led to a midlife crisis that sent me to film classes, where I started really looking at how movies tell stories.

All of these things brought me to Backstories, the place where I take 100-page PowerPoint decks and turn them into three-to-five-minute movies. But, knowing that not everyone has the resources to do that every day, led me to create workshops and, subsequently, this book. I wanted you and your department to have a new set of tools to make your information easy to get and easy to get behind. So everyone – project leads, execs, and companies – can make a bigger difference.

Read two movie storytelling success stories here


I lead workshops where I bring the principles of this book to life and tackle one of your real presentations. Take a look at the video above to see how they roll.

There are two types of workshops, right now, but if you’ve got an idea for one, please email it to me.

Data-to-Story Workshop:

Here, we go from a big, fat, chart-filled deck to a simple, clear, visual story. It’s perfect for the kinds of presentations you might do all the time. Click here to find out more.

High-Stakes Presentation Workshop:

Here, we go further and incorporate emotion to evoke urgency, credibility and to help you build a cause for your initiative. Now, stakeholders not only understand what to do, but have a big desire to go for it. Click here to find out more.

“There are a lot of really simple tips and techniques that you can use on any kind of presentation, in order to make it much more engaging and to keep people leaning forward in their seats to see what comes next.”

-Dave Decelle, Director Consumer Insights, Netflix

“Great workshop – can’t wait to apply all the steps to my next new deck!”

-Carrie Lawrence, PG&E

“Great presentation, fantastic materials!”

-Tim Martin, ISN

“It was a terrific training session…I put several of the learnings into use right away, as I presented to our execs the next morning. It made such a difference and went really well. I’m excited to keep us moving in this direction.”

-Prabha Werner, VP, Research and Insights, realtor.com

“It was much better than the Tufte lecture and gave a full, end-to-end lesson on how to get it done.”

-Stephanie Greenberg, PG&E

“I loved the application of concepts most. I feel like my creativity is limitless.”

-Meg Sisco, Westerly Community Credit Union

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